Financial Geniuses Productions presents...


The Rhonda Show

Rhonda- A young and headstrong member of the KISS Army.

Todd- The kind of guy who's having just as much trouble staying up with popular culture as he is with girls.

Bridgett- A sassy yet classy girl with a heart deeply embedded in the party scene.

Side Ponytail- An 80's out chick with nothing buy dancing, singing, and Molly Ringwald on her mind.

Hooker Face- The town prostitute. Also Catfish Face's mother.

Chester- The grumpy old neighbor who occasionally gets down with the kids for old times sake.

Catfish Face- The social outcast that everyone hangs out with out of pity.

Magician- A dabbler in the art of illusion.

Professor- An eccentric millionaire who's still coming down off the internet boom.
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